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Considerations When Ordering Diaries.

DiariesSo, you’ve decided to order diaries for your staff or customers, but you can’t get your head around all the jargon. Here are some pointers to help your make the right design and budget decisions.


A4, A5 , management and pocket diaries.

Page layouts:

Week at a glance: one week across two pages or one week on the left with a notes page on the right.

A day per page.

Covers and binding:

Our standard diaries are case-bound, like a hard-cover book and are available in black, blue and red (or burgundy).

Custom cover colours can be ordered, in one or two tones and in different materials, such as leather, wood, metal, etc.

We can also provide plastic spiral or metal wiro-binding as a spine.

An outer wallet can be created in leather to cover the spiral and wiro-bound diaries. Such covers are relatively expensive, but cost-effective over time, as only the book blockhas to be replaced on an annual basis. The outer wallet remains infinitely usable and, in fact, becomes more beautiful with age, as does all leather products. Leather lasts and lasts, looks extremely stylish and elegant and makes a wonderful gift.

Branding options

  • Silver Foiling (usually with white inner pages)
  • Gold Foiling (usually with cream inner pages)
  • Blind embossing: no foiling or colour, but the logo is imprinted into the cover. This is usually done on leather or a thicker than standard cover and hence is more expensive.
  • Full-colour Domed Sticker: this is a more modern form of branding using a vinyl sticker with a full colour print covered with a clear resin.
  • Direct full color print: some diary types can have a full colour logo printed directly on the cover. The suitability of this method depends on type of logo.

To ensure good quality branding, a good quality logo must be supplied in digital format of 300 dpi (dots per inch) minimum. A logo taken from your website will simply not be good enough, because web images are normally only 72 dpi.

Should the logo you supply be of too poor quality, we will notify you. Should you not be able to provide a top quality image to work from, we can do a digital “clean up” of your logo for you, to ensure that the branding comes out perfectly.

Foil branding requires a metal block, called a die, to be made of your company logo. This is a once-off cost and the die can normally be used for a number of years.


The names and titles of individuals (staff and clients) can be foiled onto each individual diary at a nominal cost, making the gift so much more valuable to the recipient.

Inserts and tip-in pages

Most diaries have a number of information pages, such as maps, calendars, public holidays, measurements, as well as planning and notes pages in the front or back or on both ends of the diary. The contents offered vary from brand to brand and does not usually affect the selection of diary.

It is possible to insert extra pages, such as a company profile or catalogue of offerings, into some diaries and for large orders, i.e. 200 or more. Discuss your requirements with us: in addition to advising on what’s possible, we can help with research, writing and graphic design of the insert itself.

Just bear in mind that custom requests take longer to produce.

Custom-made diaries

Tell us what you’re looking for. Chances are we can produce it for you. Like business card slots, branded ribbon markers, bookmarks, metal covers, specialist inserts …

Other considerations

Can you collect the diaries from our offices or do you require delivery. Would the delivery be to one central address or do you require shipping to multiple addresses, along with a personalised note? Do you want the diary shipped in a branded box or plastic wrapped and labelled?

The earlier in the year you order, the better, especially if your order is large or custom-made.

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